How many slaves work for me? Unfortunately, 52 do. For now.

It all began with a Musician who got involved with the anti-slavery movement by hosting benefit concerts. Fast forward to 2011, millions of people from 200 countries have visited to discover their connection to modern day slavery.

You can find out your number below and dig in to the site to find out what you can do immediately to drop that number.

A perfect exercise to help keep Black Friday Madness at bay.

Slavery Footprint – Made In A Free World.


The Secret lives of Storm Troopers

“My take on the classic Beatles album cover, Abbey Road. This was a real lesson in perspective for me. The shot was taken in one go and not superimposed onto the background. After trying loads of different lighting set ups I eventually went for a slightly longer exposure just using the natural light coming through the window to the right.” ~ Andy Wells, Photographer of Secret Lives of Stormtroopers Collection

Picture: Andy Wells via Flickr

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