Happiness is a Warm Gun.

Forty Five years ago (yesterday), the Beatles White Album was released. Pretentious. Vulnerable. Eclectic. Delicious.
Song in me head today: Blackbird – Beatles (White Album, obv) – Quote from Rolling Stone Mag: “Black­bird” is one of the beau­ti­ful Paul McCart­ney songs in which the yin-yang of love is so per­fectly fit­ted: the joy and sor­row, always that ironic taste of sad­ness and melan­choly in the lyric and in the minor notes and chords of the melody (remember””“Yesterday” “Eleanor Rigby” “Good Day Sun­shine” promi­nently among many) The irony makes it so much more powerful.”
Song2: Happiness is a Warm Gun – Beatles (White Album)
Quote: “You know, I’d give you every­thing I’ve got for a lit­tle peace of mind,” – I’m so tired lyrics, Beatles White Album



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