Kismet, Serendipity and Pure Unadulterated Happenstance.

On the mind today:
Song: Light of the Morning – Band of Skulls
Song Deux: Got Me Wrong – AIC
Song Numba Three: Beyond the Sea – Bobby D.
Movie: A Life Less Ordinary
Book: The House of Impossible Loves – Cristina Lopez Barrio (Tragic and Hook, line, sunk with this bad boy. 50 pages left and want to stall. Not quite ready to be done with it. At all.)

Gorgeous Piece that found it’s way to my newsfeed and my noodle yesterday…..

“I’ve had a lot of magic in my life.”

“Tell me something magic.”

“When they were young, my parents met an American couple in a sunday school in Shanghai. Over the years, they kept running into this same couple, as they traveled through different parts of the world. So they jokingly made a pact that their firstborn children would be married. Then my parents had me, and the other couple had a son. I didn’t meet the man until late in life, when I was already deeply in love with another man. But I fell in love with him and we got married.”

“Wow, that is cool.”

“That’s not even the craziest part. Want to hear the craziest part?”


“My husband had three previous engagements. And the morning we met, he was cooking three eggs, and each of them had double yolks.”

Reblog via Humans of New York.

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