I officially reject the glorification of busy and endorse the enhancement of awesome.

‘Tis the MOST wonderful time of the year. My prelude to Dec. 25th will be crammed with nothing other than quality visits, playing, dining, wining (not whining), long baths, laughing, singing (terribly!), hi-fiving and impromptu awesomeness. Maybe even a little volunteering for good measure. And, most importantly, cramming as many “Ohmygod, I’ve missed you so much” hugs in as possible. How can it not be the most wonderful time of the year with goals like that in mind? Just feels right.
Song: I wish it was Christmas today – H. Sanz, J. Fallon, C. Kattan & T. Morgan (SNL). Julian Casablancas cover is sweet too.
Movie: Love Actually
Movie2: The Great Gatsby (2012)
Quote: Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized anyway.” – Eleanor Roosevelt (But hopefully not. Ditch those turds, if so).


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