A love letter to the moms and dads.

Birthdays feel different to me now. More so than ever. Still a linger of celebratory, it seems they prominently hold a reflective feel to me. As I think of this exact day, a decade ago, I smile. I think of the prelude to the big event, the small details, the suspense, the mini-moments that make up the day/life of pre and post child. Different universes entirely it seems.

10 years ago today I met my munchkin, me being one of the most self absorbed humans you’d meet (and then some). And then, immediately and steadily crescendoing daily, my heart grew a hundred times its size. Looking back, it feels very Grinchesque. I’d love to know the tally on how many times I’ve kissed this young lad in pure instinct, love, gratitude, joy, sadness. My guess – a million trillion. This love is indescribable. I’d highly recommend. What a rad, rad ride.



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