This girl.

Me? Hmm.

Enjoyer of delicious books, loud music and open ended days. Also, rocket surgeon.

Fave Bands? Sublime, Beasties, Tool, AIC, PJ, Em, Beatles, Uncle Pac, Notorious, and so much more. Anything. Everything.

Movies: True Romance. Saving Private Ryan. Lucky Number Slevin. Into the Wild. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Superbad (Never gets old).

Books: Ahh. Lots. The Book Thief. Extremely Loud ¬†& Incredibly Close. Little Bee. Half the Sky. Tiny Beautiful Things. Mr. Fox. Middlesex. Wild. The Sister’s Brothers. If it makes me laugh, think or feel incredibly wounded/heartbroken, then I’m up for a solid read. A probably a re-read too.

Things to do: Run, Bike, Laugh, Longboard with me pups, Explore, Adventure, Go places, Hammock. Do nothing. Do everything.



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